Take a breath.

Was there ever a more appropriate day to enter the blogosphere than Monday?  The day that breaks a million hearts week after week.  The word that sends shivers up the spine of the masses.  Heralded by The Sunday Blues, grimaces are in place and heads are down on the race towards Hump Day.  We’re all so devastatingly urban.

Life is so much brighter than that and we want to kick off our foray into blogging with a little sunshine.  Loosen up your jaw, shake out your body, take a breath – between the glugs of wine – and let your mind go for a moment.

Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. — Rumi

This blog is not only an extension of the website but also a place for us to share our creative and emotional inspirations while getting personal with our followers.  While we post things of beauty we want you to remember that you too are a thing of beauty.  And you are absolutely worth another glass of wine.

hb x


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