Nothing to sniff at.

Candles outnumber people at hunter’s HQ to a worrying degree.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they outnumber the hairs on the heads of the people at hunter’s HQ.  We are obsessed.  There’s just something so relaxing about the dim, flickering light and that slow, graceful dance between the flame and their shadowy partners.   Ok, yeah, you get that we love them, right?  We bow to our waxy overlords.

It’s not just that though.  The gentle, fragrant waves of scent can alter the mood of a room.  Heck, they can alter your own mood if you get the combination right.  Glimmering reflections in the deep pool of your sub-conscious can suddenly become crystal clear.  Forgotten memories,  places you’ve been, people you’ve been with.  And that is incredible. Something so simple and so often considered disposable can permeate the most hidden parts of you, lifting your spirit and clearing your mind of junk.

One who masters scents, masters the heart of humanity.
— Patrick Süskind

My own ‘House Aroma Goal’ is a perfect balance of lavender and freshly brewed coffee. Calming and invigorating.  Although most days the coffee wins out of necessity. My ten month old is apparently immune to the effects of lavender.  Currently working on an intravenous option.  Kidding.  Maybe.  [Said sipping third triple espresso of the day.]

Combining scents is such an exciting concept which is why we are in the early stages of producing a collection of soy candles to compliment the hunter’s aesthetic. They will be an embodiment of the brand and, as with everything we do, they need to be beautiful and full of richness and depth.  We are taking time to understand the notes, how they interact and their best possible blend.  The ultimate goal is for our fragrances to capture the senses, energise the mind and inspire the soul.

Below is a visual study of some of our scent inspiration so far.  Let us know your own favourite combinations and what you would love to see in the hunter’s bohemia range.

hb x


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