Concrete on fleek.

Multi-storey car parks, grotty apartment blocks, the 1980s.  The collective visual of concrete in one sentence.

Then came the rise in popularity of the polished variety, previously scoffed at but now adorning the floors of at least two out of three Chemex-toting coffee shops and on every other page of every other home magazine.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan.  It made the shortlist for the kitchen floor in my own house.  I chickened out.  Don’t judge me.

Now the desire for concrete seems to know no bounds and it has made it’s way into home furnishings and accessories.  Pioneers in the design industry have taken a material associated largely with expanses of drab, weathered walls and repurposed it within an everyday environment.  From the simple to the extreme, you can’t help but be impressed by it’s surprising elegance.  It’s a quintessential rom-com makeover.  I’m just waiting for Freddie Prinze Jr. to emerge from the wings taking credit.

The physical nature of concrete lends itself to simple, minimalistic design while the rough, organic finish feels effortless.  It’s a clever balance.  The fact that no two pieces are truly identical is something that we at hunter’s bohemia are huge advocates of.  Each product is an original and bespoke work of art.

Not everyone – actually, not many – will have the opportunity or desire to lay a polished concrete floor or landscape their garden into an industrial, urban odyssey.  It’s a pretty big commitment and certainly not a cheap option.  This transcendence into homewares makes it an accessible trend for the wider audience.  If you do like the idea of going full on but don’t like the commitment – (now there’s a loaded statement…) – you could try your hand at Tom Haga’s concrete wallpaper, pictured below.  Or throw couple of his printed cushions on the sofa and watch the double takes.

Here’s the thing about trends though.  They come and go.  I know – you’ve learned a lot. Thanks now, see ya! What I mean to say is concrete will have its time at the forefront of coveted interiors before being replaced in a whip and a whistle by The Next Big Thing.  No one will give it a second thought.  They’ll be too busy installing their Very On Trend real cat-hair floors.  Unless, like me, your love for raw materials is eternal.  In which case, this is an amazing time to collect and purchase timeless pieces that would and will be otherwise unavailable.

So I’ll see you in five years – chilling at our concrete dining tables patting ourselves on the backs for our wisdom, sipping espressos made from a concrete machine out of our concrete cups while admiring the concrete curtains.  Wait…too far?

hb x

Atkin & Thyme | Le Labo | Gant Lights |
Shmuel Linski | Tom Haga |


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